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Pic of Sheamus & His Girlfriend at the WWE Hall of Fame

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  • kateri

    sheamus has a girlfriend, reeally?

    • Jennifer

      Could have been some random chick that happened to be sitting next to him (that was a guest of someone else); if he legit had a girlfriend it'd be all over the place.

      • Shocked_n_Awed

        Yeah, cuz everyone's scrambling for news of the Human Mayo Bottle's love life… 😛

        • Jennifer

          Hey now-I've heard people ask if Khali is married or not, so there you go. *shudders* Some people feel they HAVE to know each and every detail-I say let the guys have a private life. :)

  • Noyra LaOch Carnivorous

    this can't be sheamus' Girldfriend, she is HORRIBLE!

    • lol

      But he the real one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jojo

    But he the real one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rey mysterionak his beautiful wife yes.for what Sheamusnak single normal girlfriend may not be now?

  • Love Brother Sheamus

  • really? girlfriend

  • elizabeth

    I hope not….i wanna be his girlfriend……that would break my heart….Im crazy about sheamus…

  • Nikki

    Sheamus is mine, back off or I will Brogue kick all of you tramps in the throat.

  • Mary

    No Sheamus is mine and it did break my heart but the heart wants what the heart wants, way to go sheamus. luv ya !!!!!! Anyways !!!!!!

  • Ria

    No, he’s not married yet.. He’s still single.. But some rumours say that, he has already had a girlfriend but not married to her yet until now and he has family in Florida, at the region where he lives in.. Those are just gossips.. Sheamus said in the interview when people asked him about his relationship status.. “Are you single or not..?” Sheamus answered, “No, my parent’s alive.. This is my personal business, it’s none of your business..” I believe that, he’s still available.. Haha.. LOL..!!

  • aurora orton

    sheamus wife no pretty .. i very like sheamus and lilian garcia

  • Diana

    sheamus have a gf??????not true

  • let him come to the bronxnew york city and il show him what a real woman is like

  • brian

    i wish sheamus is gay. rawr the things i would let him do to me…

  • jane

    my heart just broke! my sheamus is taken!

  • Ashley

    I love the way he fights

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