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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results for November 15th, 2012

TNA taped this week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. Here are the full results.

* Bobby Roode challenges James Storm to one last match for Storm’s world title shot. Storm accepts the challenge.

* RVD defeated Kid Kash.

* Aces & 8’s discuss a tag team match against two from the TNA roster in their club house.

* Aces & 8’s attack Magnus after a rematch is set up against Samoa Joe for the TV Title.

* Jesse Godderz defeated Eric Young.

* Devon and a member of Aces & 8’s challenge Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff.

* Kurt Angle & Garrett Bischoff defeat Devon and Aces & 8’s member.

* Tara and Jesse Godderz confront Brooke Hogan in her office about the Knockouts Battle Royale.

* ODB, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacker and Mickie James wrestle in a five women Battle Royal for the number 1 contenders spot for the Knockouts Title. Mickie James wins.

* AJ cuts a promo on bad luck. Daniels and Kazarian interupt. AJ challenges Daniels to one more match but Kazarian says they have nothing left to prove.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm to take Storm’s number 1 contenders spot at Final Resolution.

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  • Aaron

    Roode has the title shot now!? You can’t keep doing that, the fans are getting tired of it!

    Dixie needs to learn don’t give away the winners before the match happens! She sent out a tweet only mentioning Mickie James as being back and no other KOs, great job!

    You put Jessie over EY, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

    And to finish, you are going to do AJ against Daniels, again!? It has been done thousands of times already!

  • Aaron

    One more thing, TNA buried AJ just undue the match the next night by having Roode beat Storm for the title shot! Give me a break!

  • State-Puff

    Every time James Storm gets a shot tna changes their minds and give it to roode! Storm needs the title, he has worked his ass off for that company! The least they could do is give him the title.

  • Richie

    Why am i not surprised…TNA takes Storm away from the title AGAIN! This man has BUSTED HIS ASS for the company…reward him already! And not with a crummy 2 week world title reign!

    And face Mickie vs heel Tara AGAIN? WTF? We seen that 4342312 times during their last feud…how about Gail vs Tara…or a face turned Madison Rayne vs heel Tara…something different for a change! And where was Rosita and Sarita in this battle royal if they are still part of the company!

  • Z…..

    read the first line where roode challenges storm. before I continue to read, I am already assuming that Storm lost. What was the point of the ppv last night? why do they continue to do this with James Storm if it isnt going to lead to anything. If they were going to keep doing this, then him losing last night would have accomplished it, leading to him winning the title at bfg 2013. its just like in wcw. the ppvs dont matter.

  • Z…..

    wow. literally everything I’ve said in the past two nights happened, even the jokes that I made. I really have nothing to say on this one

  • Bane

    TNA = WCW2.0, what a JOKE. And what a surprise that it was Garrett Bitchoff 2 team with Angle. Stop trying 2 push guys that don’t deserve it. AJ STYLES should really contemplate leaving TNA bcuz the crap he’s been given is insulting 2 a TNA original who’s actually good at what he does. Oh I forgot, he wasn’t a part of WWE so he won’t help ratings, he needs blonde highlights and b flamboyant and more like Flair, lol. He’s the PHENOMENAL 1, we want 2 c him wrestle not talk, that used 2 b the difference between TNA & WWE. TNA was all about wrestling, WWE: ENTERTAINMENT. What was the point of Angle passing the torch a couple years ago 2 AJ if he was gonna just get buried bcuz he never was a part of WWE. RVD, J HARDY kick ass but AJ and S Joe r TNA along with Roode & Storm but since Hardy and RVD were stars in WWE the originals get screwed. No wonder MCMG r jumping ship 2 go 2 WWE, they saw that HH and Bitchoff, Bitchard, & even Dixie were starting 2 fuck up TNA, and try 2 emulate WCW and forget what made a guy like me love TNA: TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION! not fuckin’ impact. They saw the writing on the wall and bolted. Hope those 4 and Hernandez do as well bcuz impact is run by a bunch of has beens and wannabes. I’m mad, but more so disappointed, the little train that could was doing good til a bunch of lame asses who r trying 2 recapture their glory days r, forgive my language, raping this once proud WRESTLING company. TNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua

    I smell a three way dance for the TNA World Title with Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, and James Storm at final resolution

  • jerichoholic3

    i agree with joshua, i could see them doing a triple threat with an angle like they used with wm22 with angle orton and rey

  • Z…..

    Absolutely agree with Bane. I’ve talked about it numerous times. The whole draw of TNA was that it was the opposite of WWE. No. I’m not even going to continue b/c its just not worth saying again. All that matters is that Hogan, Bischoff, and Prichard are total pieces of shit

  • Ogi

    Who in the blue Hell wrote the fucking ending? TNA needs to stop fucking around with James Storm.

  • Travis


  • Brody Lawrence

    Yeah, Mickie James being back is all I needed to hear to get me watching this show. Yay to Madison & Tessmacher being back too. Hopefully more Knockouts will be back on TV soon as well in the near future.

    I hear what you’re all saying about James Storm and I agree he deserves better than to be jerked around. I’m sure they’ll make it up to him & AJ somehow–at least they’d better.

    @Bane The Motor City Machineguns broke up because of Chris Sabin’s knee injury which couldn’t be helped. Yeah Alex Shelley could’ve been used better though. They also made Samoa Joe TV champion which made him only the 3rd Grand Slam champ so they’re showing him some respect. You won’t hear me defend Huckster, Bitchoff, or that sexist buttfuck prichard though. I agree they are ruining the company and wish death on all 3 of those fuckers.

  • Bane

    Yeah but MCMG was already leaving. The injury just delayed it. U don’t think they feel disrespect when a member of the Jersey Shore shows up 4 a couple appearances and gets paid 10grand(and not just them, everyone in the locker room). Even then they were being forgotten by TNA management. There were reports of them not being happy as 2 how they were being used. Plus S Joe having the TV title is a push? When was the last time he even was a threat 4 the heavyweight title. Don’t even get me started on last years tournament where he was practically buried. They’ll give him the TV title but not the heavyweight title? SAMOA JOE!!!!!!! AJ STYLES!!!!!!!!!!! MCMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brody Lawrence

    ^Did you watch THIS year’s BFG tournament? Joe was a threat for the Heavyweight title in the most recent Bound for Glory tournament which ended just this past Sept.. He didn’t win it but he was in the Final 4. Giving him the TV title and making him the 3rd Grand Slam champion is better than nothing. Once again, I won’t defend upper management’s bonehead choice to bring in the Jersey Shore cast. I hated that as well.

  • Drew

    Final Resolution TV title match Joe vs. Magnus vs. Styles vs. Storm

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