Hot New HQ Photos of AAA’s Masked Diva – Sexy Star! Wow!

  • Wrestling-Geek

    since when AAA started calling their female talent DIVAS?? did I miss something?

  • Wrestling-Geek

    BTW.. she is Damn HOT..

  • shane

    @Wrestling-Geek: I was about o say something about the diva thing, and yes, she is fucking hot.

  • shane

    @shane: to*

  • zed

    Too fat for WWE? Laryngitis is an idiot.

  • FacePuncher

    I agree she is one sexy girl. Also upon googling her i found out that she had a WWE try out in 2010 but was rejected because her English was bad (guess this doesnt apply to Sin Cara), she was overweight (according to them anyway. She looks damn fine to me) and wasn’t pretty enough witout her mask on with John Laurinaitis telling the scouts if the girls aren’t pretty enough to be in Playboy then they shouldn’t be hired

  • GunShark

    Johnny Ace is an ass. Too fat? Shit, this woman is fine as hell. I’d like to cave his nads in with my foot, for saying something so damned stupid.

  • Richie

    John Laurinaitis is an idiot! WWE should have jumped on signing her! A masked diva would def. add diversity to the womens division!

    And who cares if shes not as hot without the mask…most of the WWE universe wont see her without it anyway…i mean, when have we seen Rey Mysterio without his since joining the WWE?

  • sociopath

    Don’t believe everything you read people. Even her friends that were there including Rain (from WSU) and Malia Hosaka said that her tryout didn’t go well. She was not acclimated with the American style of wrestling very well, plus she spoke NO English at all. Mistico was learning English and had at least worked a FEW matches in the American style before he signed, plus he’s a way bigger star than she is even though she is super over in Mexico. She was given things to work on and that was that.

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