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Must See! 16 Amazing New Shots of Velvet Sky Posing Topless! WOW!

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  • RaV

    Hey, i wanna see her nipples!!

    • Gumball

      Your RIGHT! We NEED to see her nipples!

  • hunter

    me too shes so sexy tho

  • corey c

    i wanna c her vanny and her nipples

  • Monkey

    you guys need to get a life or a girl

    • shane

      u looked also, dumbass

  • cheese

    i want to see her naked so bad

  • lucky

    Monkey is right yall probably fat and old and nerds that jacks off to a pornno or a picture

    • shane

      doesnt tht make u fat and old and a nerd, cuz u looked also, dumbass

  • Lance

    I get more ass than a toilet seat. I got laid a couple of hours ago actually. I still like to look at hot women. Any man who doesn't is not a man.

    Also funny how all of you idiots are commenting about how "people must be fat nerds with no life or girl" to be looking at the exact same photos that you are looking at… I guess the irony escapes you douchebags.

  • bilboballbag

    I wonder how she feels knowing full well dudes will jerk off to this… must be odd

  • Troll

    @lucky: And you’re probably some little 13 year old homo who can’t get an erection.

  • kk


    It’s funny though, even if we do have a girl, hell even if we love our women, they still won’t be as hot as this. That’s just a sad fact

  • RedDragon

    You know what’s funny? Some lucky dude that is her boyfriend will read the comment above and laugh himself to death so that she’ll be free to date again! I sure hope she likes guys and isn’t a lesbian though that would be soooo hot to see!!!

  • Jessie

    She is so hot and sexy

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