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Must See! Amazing New Revealing Shots of Beth Phoenix Posing… WOW!

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  • Milanmiracle

    she looks like a tranny

  • CW1

    @Milanmiracle Truly, because I also wouldn’t want “that”. Layla is where it’s at

  • rob

    beth the tranny and AJ the 12 year old girl….whats creepier

  • GunShark

    You kids, spouting this tranny crap. Women come in all shapes and sizes. You’re not being “cute”, or funny, or original. Grow the fuck up.

    If you don’t find her attractive, either say “I don’t find her attractive,” or don’t comment at all. At the very least, you could explain why you think she looks like a tranny.

  • edogg

    I’ll bang her and ill let u know if she a tranny
    NOT!!!!!She’s All woman ill do her

  • carlos

    first off thank you gunshark for speaking the truth second she looks sexy as hell those eyes of hers are killer and to Milanmiracle,CW1, and rob you guys need to get out your house or apparment once in awhile and realize there are so many beautiful women out there so grow the bloody hell up and stop looking at every woman as if you were in middle school looking at a playboy bloody idiots

  • ROFLMAO at the little boys saying beths a tranny….women come in different shapes & sizes….

  • Horatio

    I would suck her dick if she had one……and she most likely does.

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