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Hot New Kelly Kelly Bikini Photos

Do you think Kelly Kelly looks better now or when she was in WWE?

Kelly Bikini 1

Kelly Bikini 2

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  • The Batman

    She has the same facial expression as mouth breather.

  • tt2000

    Her name says it all. Barbie body and Blank brain.

  • PlanoStu

    For all of you saying she’s dumb, she’s smart enough to cash in on her looks and makes more than all of you combined

    • Diana of Themyscira

      How is that smart? The requirements have practically been handed to you, It’s one of the easiest jobs imaginable. You really think she’s ‘Smart’? If I did it, I wouldn’t say I was smart, it’s the easiest way to big money and fame.

      You really must be a horndog.

      • PlanoStu

        Aside from being an admirer of beauty, which I don’t believe anyone can deny that she is beautiful, there are plenty of good looking women that don’t know how to market themselves. I think a lot of people, mostly women, just look at her and say she’s a bubble head. And Chelsi, maybe she is. BUT, please be open minded about this. Everyone, man or woman, has a talent. Some have brilliant minds, and become attorneys or doctors or accountants or bankers. Others are actors or pharmacists or are good salespersons. There are peoplr who make a living in sports. Some people, men and women, who are born good looking and decide they want to market themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. My father, who grew up poor and couldn’t finish high school but had street smarts and made millions gave me valuable advice. He said whatever you do, didn’t matter if you are a garbage man, as long as you do it with honesty and integrity, its good. Would you compare Barbie to Sunny? I wouldn’t. I read your posts about Sunny. She’s a complete train wreck that has probably ruined other peoples lives. Her, I don’t respect. But Barbie, maybe she’s not a rocket scientist, but she knows how to market herself and her looks. As long as she doesn’t hurt anyone and she makes money doing what she does honestly, and people are willing to pay her for her looks, then God bless.

        • tt2000

          Made millions being honest? In what area?


        Are you jealous? .

      • Pete “The Soup Man” Campbell

        Chelsii, i’m sure you’re twice as pretty as Kelly Kelly. No need to get upset.

  • Punk

    I would

  • Aaron

    She is overrated!

  • Jonny

    much better now!

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