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Jillian Hall Shows Off Her New Tattoo

Would you like to see Jillian back in WWE?

Jillian Hall new tattoo

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  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    I’d rather her show off those floatation devices she possesses.

    • Out of every woman that came through WWE, I swear Jillian had the largest set… even though they were implants.

  • I can’t even read what it says, all I can make out is ‘God’.

    • Alejandro

      It says Let Go, Let God.

  • TheHotDogKing

    I would want to see Jillian back with WWE…not as a singer though

  • Trey Doss

    jillian was underrated

  • Chris Perry

    Yes I like see Jillian Return to WWE also be on Total Divas.


    I hate writing tattoos….

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