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Lots of Revealing New Selfie Shots from Layla

Layla may be the WWE Diva who posts self photos the most.

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  • Abudadein

    Sad. What is she, an insecure, narcissistic 14-year-old girl? There’s something really pathetic about grown people taking grainy, blurry, poorly composed “sexy” self shots and feeling the need to share them with the world. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Aaron

      If you knew anything you, would know see is considered the most free-spirited of all the Divas! She has a class-clown type personality!

      • Abudadein

        OH! I hadn’t realized that. Darn, I need to take everything I said back about her being an insecure, narcissistic teenager then….because an attention seeking “class-clown type personality” is the complete opposite of that, I guess. 😉

        • stevewiser

          Lol. Finally somebody on here that doesn’t think like a 12 year old,

        • jcice13

          tree of woe for him and the class clown

      • jcice13

        so f’n what

    • Chelsii?

      People take selfies, boo hoo.

  • Aaron

    I love British women!

  • Trinot Grigio

    Geez… I love this woman, she’s my dream girl.

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