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ODB’s Knockout of the Month Trailer Park Shoot

What do you think of ODB?

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  • Yeah

    I would…….

  • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins

    lmao Did TNA edit these pictures?

  • Miroslav Mates

    She wasn´t even there! TNA is so poor they can´t travel to a trailer park 😀

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      I know huh. The Trailer Parks in those pics are so clean and classy. SMH

      • Miroslav Mates

        that too:) But obviously she is added to the photo..poorly

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Good on TNA to admit that their checks are so late that the talent has to live in trailer parks. Really fake-looking trailer parks.

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