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Sexy New Shot of AJ Lee In Skimpy Attire

Where would you rank AJ on your hottest Divas list?

AJ Lee stomach

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  • Desmond Davies

    I would rank aj lee number 1 on my hottest diva list

    • Devon

      No doubt. Although if u wanna count Stephanie as a current diva I would say Steph is number 1. Steph is the hottest female in wrestling history imo

  • D.M.T

    AJ Lee is in my top 5 for sure. She’s so fúcking hot and cute.

  • Rotnerd

    #1. I like her as a person more than anything. She really appreciates what she has. How many stars cry out of joy when they see their first shirt/figure. This lady bleeds the industry.

  • Milton Vadell Butler

    NUMBER 1

  • Steven

    If you searched up “hot” in the dictionary, AJ Lee’s picture will be there

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Right now? Probably 1st by a long shot. (Am I the only crazy one that thinks the Bellas, wrestling ability notwithstanding, are only slightly above average?) Oh, and AJ’s REALLY well-toned. The current Divas’ division doesn’t do her justice… except for Natalya, probably. I’d love to see her take the title off A.J. – one, because it’s about damn title Natalya had the belt. Two, because it’s probably the one singles Divas feud of girls already on the main roster that everyone can live with. WWE can post up their Total Divas representative, and we get a match between two girls that can actually get it done in the ring – two professional wrestlers instead of… well… ‘wrestling professionals’ (if you get my drift). Three, because it’s about damn time Natalya had the belt. As great as AJ is, you can’t build a division – ANY division – on one person. At the very least, you’d best have a pair of top rivals – probably 3 or 4 for the Divas if at all possible. On that note… hey, WWE corporate… Paige is 21 now… WHAT THE [email protected]$K IS THE HOLDUP!?

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

    AJ’s awesome – especially now that the character focus is on her as an in-ring competitor and not on her character’s mental and emotional instability… although I’ll be damned if she didn’t play that gimmick to the hilt and make it entertaining.

  • tt2000

    Number 2 behind Kaitlyn for me. It’s a nice place to be. I certainly wouldn’t mind being behind her 😉

  • JG40

    Am I missing something? Where’s the picture of her in something skimpy?

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