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Very Sexy New Photo of Amy “Lita” Dumas Posing

CM Punk is really a lucky guy…

New Lita

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  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    She hasn’t aged a bit since she retired.

  • stevewiser

    She looks better now to be honest.

  • tt2000

    thats not NEW

    • Chris Goggs

      defo not new as that arm is now covered in tattoos

  • Devon

    She is hot. She has dated a shitload of wrestlers. Matt, Edge & now Punk

    • Hawkins

      lmao three people is a shitload?

      • tt2000

        Maybe he’s counting all those luchadores she (allegedly) blew in exchange for wrestling training.

        • Chrislis Tei

          Yep. Punk’s a lucky guy but there are a *lot* of other lucky guys in the wrestling business.

    • The huntress in the night

      And if you know women at all and read the Hardy’s book the only reason she sleep with wrestlers is to get her foot in the door and the spotlight, professional ring rat Lita

      • Richie

        You are an idiot if thats what you think! Of course Hardy is gonna trash her after what happened between them! But Amy(Lita) is one of the greatest female wrestlers ever in WWE…and she is retired now, so why would she need to date Punk to “get her foot in the door” when she is retired, and has been since before she even got with Punk!

  • Chelsii?

    Lazy WNZ.

  • Shell

    Hot damn…

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