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Cody Rhodes To Work For TNA & ROH

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody Rhodes (or the artist formerly known as Stardust) will soon be working for both Ring Of Honor and TNA.

Dave Meltzer reportedly spoke with Rhodes at PWG’s Battle Of Los Angeles this past weekend. It was during this little pow wow that Meltzer learned of Rhodes’ unique deal. In normal cases, a TNA wrestler can work for other Indy promotions but not with one that also has a TV deal.

The exception for Rhodes is that he won’t be under contract with either promotion. Having a WWE veteran and ripe talent like Cody Rhodes is a commodity that smaller promotions are understandably willing to jump on to boost their own roster. WWE really did wrong by Rhodes and it must be nice for him to get some respect out of the business rather than perpetual embarrassment.

He even has a cool new look which can be seen here in his gregarious ring announcement:

Killer boots man!

He’s got everything it takes to be a star. With any luck he can earn his way back to the big show on his own laurels and not suffer the wrath of an old out of touch WWE creative. Did we really need a second Goldust type character? Who’s dimwitted idea was that in the first place? Michael PS Hayes?


Probably a safe bet this nut is responsible.

It remains to be seen what ring name Rhodes will be wrestling under. He does not currently own the rights to use his own name. Cody Rhodes is a trademark of the WWE and even though he’s been using it on the Indies, he won’t be able to on TV.

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