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Hulk Hogan Comments on Match with John Cena Being Nixed

Hulk Hogan discussed how unnecessary surgeries from the Laser Spine Institute prevented a career-ending match with John Cena during an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine.

“It was part of a 25-year deal with WWE. I was filming Hogan Knows Best, and Vince McMahon and I started negotiating. It was at a time when I was coming back for the one-off shows with Shawn (Michaels) and Randy (Orton).

But it’s wrong about Cena – that was just part of the whole thing where I would show up once in a while and wrestle. It was one of those times where Vince and I were in love one day, and fighting the next. We were negotiating a 25-year deal, and part of it was me wrestling Cena in Orlando at Wrestlemania. I called Vince and said, ‘I’m good to go’. I’d just had my first back surgery, and everything was supposed to be perfect, but just before I was due on TV, my back went. I was scared to call Vince, but when I did, I was like, ‘Dude, my back has gone out again’. After more surgeries, instead of a morphine pump to ease the pain, they inserted a battery (into my back) that was made by NASA for the space shuttle, and lasts forever.”

  • Me

    How many more times is this same story going to be posted? This is like the 3rd time I’ve seen in since December.

  • Chelsii

    They gave him a battery that are used for Space Shuttles from NASA? What bullsh*t.

    • Rob

      Is your new picture Mickie James in a Bane mask?!

      • Chelsii


    • SdotC

      NASA is surprisingly liberal with their less-expensive technology being applied in ways that are beneficial to the public. Unlike most govt agencies, they like to think that their tax-funding can be shared with us.

  • DoingMaThing

    Nobody really wants to see that match anyway Hogan. I actually wanted to see Austin vs Hogan to see Hogan lose to the Rattle Snake.

  • Gortex

    25 year deal? wasnt he already in his 50s lol

  • justanothervictim

    poor senile terry.

  • tmcfan15

    Well Hogan would refuse to lose. Vince would refuse to let Cena lose. I think it’s a good thing the match didn’t happen.

  • Y2J

    I was at that Mania!

    • SdotC

      (Note: I will be copy-and-pasting it to the people I see post commonly and who I tend to respect. I’m not spamming. Others feel free to reply to this. Thanks)

      Since I always crap on these guys for the Bleacher-Report articles and claim I could do a better job, if I set up like a Youtube account and started making videos, would you give them a chance? Just curious as to if I’d have an audience to build off. Thanks again

      • Y2J

        Yeah, I would.

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