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Impact Wrestling Spoilers For 8/18 – 9/1

– Lashley is out with all three titles. He wants them unified and Billy Corgan doesn’t agree. Lashley leaves the X-Division and King of the Mountain titles in the ring, calling them dead.

– Allie defeated Marti Belle, Jade, Madison Rayne and Sienna in a No DQ match. She gets a future title shot.

– Mike Bennett wins a battle royal to earn a World Championship match.

– Abyss defeated Jeff Hardy.

– Fact of Life segment with Mandrews, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter and DJ Z. They will fight for the vacant X-Division title.

– Ethan Carter III defeated Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as the special referee. Galloway turns heel.

– DJ Z defeated Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee in an won Ultimate X match to win the X-Division Championship.

– Mike Bennett and Lashley have a promo in the ring. Lashley claims Moose isn’t with Bennett.

– Ethan Carter III defeated Eli Drake.

– Drew Galloway talks about turning on Rex. Out comes Rex, who brawls with Drew.

– Maria Kanellis defeated Allie to win the Knockouts Championship. Maria made Allie lay-down for the easy three count.

– Bobby Lashley defeated Mike Bennett. Moose attacks Bennett after the match.

– Drew Galloway defeated Braxton Sutter in a Grand Title tournament match.

– Mike Bennett is done with Moose, but Dixie Carter makes them partners for Bound for Glory.

– Jade and Gail Kim defeated Allie and Sienna.

– Eli Drake defeated Jessie Godderz in a Global Title tournament match.

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