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New TNA Investor Already Involved In The Company? + POP TV Ad Problems

We noted how TNA has been looking for an outside investor as they don’t have cash coming in from Panda Energy, which is a billion dollar company owned by the Carter Family. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states a new investor may already be in the mix in a limited role. A major issue with finding an investor is that Dixie Carter doesn’t want to give up majority of the company.

The report continues how TNA’s low ratings on POP TV aren’t financially helping matters. With better ratings, selling ads only related to TNA on the station would be much easier.

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  • Z….

    It would also be easier if they were on a network that people that want to watch the product actually have

  • Justin

    they need to try to get on crackle, its free app to watch, for xbox, ps4, smart tvs and mobile, i think you can get to way more people, and possibly a 2nd show like xplosion

  • jcice13

    LOL really better ratings would equal more revenue from ads??? have they told all the other execs in the business this well kept secret?
    and what’s the deal with Trixie? she doesn’t want to give up majority of the company? when is it going to hit her that her company has been in the crapper for years?..what exactly is she holding on to? a legacy??? is it ego or just stupidity? or both? because now we’re bearing witness to a new guinness world record, getting hit over the head with a shovel the most times before realizing it hurts

    • Ziriak

      Only thing they still have is a vast archive of wrestling footage. She’s probably hoping WWE will pay a decent amount for it once they go under, especially since they’ve signed Roode, Styles, Aries etc.

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