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Petey Williams Returning to TNA Wrestling?

After last night’s Clash Wrestling event in Taylor, Michigan, Petey Williams hinted to that he would be returning to TNA full time.

Williams lost a title vs Career 30 minute iron man match against Clash champion J. Miller as the night’s main event. Following the match, Petey hinted that fans could be seeing much more of him on TV soon. Fans started a ‘TNA’ chant as Williams smiled and shook his head in approval.

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  • Trey Doss

    OH HELL FUCKING YEAH im so pumped for this

  • CMmox

    Canadian Destroya returns to TNA babayyyyyy!!!!!!!! xD

    • Thatoneperson

      I’ll have to take in consideration if seeing the hogan’s every week is worth seeing Willams.

  • Adam Thompson

    Should that have read “nodded his head in approval”? Generally shaking of the head is a negative indicator…
    Hope he comes back, good for the X-Division.

  • Tom Wanner

    The best finish move in wrestling. That Flp Pildedriver is sick!