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Rating From The 2/23/16 Episode Of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling drew 210,000 total viewers for the first run episode, which is down from the 273,000 viewers the episode drew last week.

The replay of the show drew 87,000 viewers, which is exactly same from last week’s replay. Impact drew a total of 297,000 viewers, which is down from last week’s 360,000 total viewers.

Impact did not score in the top 150 shows on cable for Tuesday night.

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  • DevilBorn

    Is anyone really surprised by this. 99.9% of people saw this coming

    • jcice13

      I thought they’d be getting better ratings because their product is being done much better, just goes to show that WWE fans aren’t really wrestling fans but just fans of that show…if you look at the TNA roster and the people who are getting the biggest pushes there isn’t one of them that couldn’t do a decent job if they were in the WWE and given a chance to show their wares

      • DevilBorn

        I completely agree with you on all aspects. But it does go both ways with tna fans not being wwe fans too. Not all but a lot. And your right about the tna roster, all of them are good at what they do and my problem with tna is not the roster it’s with their creative team. As soon as they get going in the right direction they seem to make a u-turn and go backwards.

        • jcice13

          I sort of disagree with you about TNA watchers not watching WWE with only less than a 1/4 of a million viewers compared to almost 4 mil for Raw I tend to think wrestling fans who watch TNA watch the WWE as well but hey I could be wrong I don’t have those numbers to back up my claim
          as for their constant bad booking? well after all these years and multiple people in the cat bird seat it seems like they’ve righted the ship and are going on a somewhat steady course right now..if they continue like this they’ll have a very viable product and one that true wrestling fans should give their time to and enjoy….since they’ve been on POPTV they’ve done a real decent job with their booking and my only complaint was how quickly they turned ECIII, I mean he was this total heel and out of nowhere just because he lost to someone who cheated he turns face?? one would think that he got what he deserved and needed to do time to get the fans behind him but other than that I’m fine with what they’ve done..it reminds me of the old territorial day’s booking

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