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Reason Brandi Rhodes Parted Ways With GFW

As noted, Brandi Rhodes parted ways with GFW after wanting out of her contract. F4WOnline reports GFW wanted a percentage of a non-wrestling TV show job Brandi landed in Georgia. No details were given about what the show will be about.

She will continue to work on her skills at Ring of Honor and other promotions. With her husband Cody being a hot ticket item on the Indy scene, it won’t be too hard for Brandi to find work.

Brandi’s stint at GFW didn’t last long and her last major program involved Cody and Moose.

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  • AuctionPicker

    GFW pretty hard up for money trying to reach into its talents pockets

  • Quote the Ravens, nevermore…

    So they wanted to pay her with her own money she was earning elsewhere? GTFOH, GFW.

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