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Terry Funk’s Health Problems, Details On His Leaving House Of Hardcore Early

Despite doctor’s ordering him to remain at home, Terry Funk attended Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore show on the weekend. However, he ended up having to leave early as he was having complications with his health issues.

F4WOnline reports that Funk is back at home in Amarillo, Texas and is on the mend. Even though he already disregarded doctor’s advice, he may think better of it going forward. Funk will be meeting with doctors next week to figure out what he can and can’t do for the foreseeable future.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Funk underwent a hernia surgery last week. He was in a lot of pain and doctors told him not to leave the house for a couple weeks. Instead, the wrestling legend hopped a 4 am flight from Texas to New York on Friday so he could appear at an autograph signing that evening for HOH.

He was reported to have been awake for 24 hours straight and didn’t finally sleep until arriving in Philadelphia at 4 am Saturday morning. That day he appeared at a convention and things were starting to wear him down. By showtime that evening, he’d had about all he could take.

He’d been slated to appear in Tommy Dreamer’s corner during the show, and had been gutting it out because of his loyalty to Dreamer. But as stated, he had to leave early and get home. Before he left however, Funk cut a promo for all the fans at ECW arena which can be seen here:

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