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TNA Impact Wrestling (1/19) Results: New Champ & Heel Turn In Last Man Standing Match

Welcome to WrestleNewz’s results for Impact Wrestling. Tonight’s show airs on POP TV and sees TNA heavyweight champion Ethan Carter III (EC3) vs. Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing match. If Matt loses, he’s gone from TNA.

Jeff Hardy starts the show and calls Matt Hardy to the ring as he scared. Jeff tells his brother risking his career is too much. Matt is determined to defeat EC3 and won’t back out of the match. Tyrus makes his way to the ring and wants a match with Jeff, who accepts.

Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus

Tyrus used his strength as Jeff bounced off the big man. Jeff goes for whisper in the wind and falls off the top rope. He starts selling his previously broken leg. Tyrus starts working over the leg by repeatedly dropping his weight on it. Jeff is able to hit twist of fate for the win and is helped to the back with assistance of the referee as he keeps selling the leg injury.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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  • Damian Starr

    Interesting, a slight heel turn from Lashley (I’m guessing that they don’t want 2 face vs face matches in a row on Angles farewell tour) and a double turn in the main event.

    Matt Hardy is selling the turn incredibly well on twitter too, he was relentless! The picture he post of his followers vs TNA’s was astonishing think it was around 900K vs 450k which is astonishing! (though I get why TNA doesn’t have more, posting spoilers before it’s aired in the UK being a main one!)

  • jcice13

    how bout my boy ECIII going all biblical in his promo?

  • jcice13

    who’s writing for these guys now? their show seems to have gotten a lot better since going over to POP so I was curious as to who’s booking the show now

    • Joseph Lisnow

      idk. not Russo.

      • jcice13

        I’m surprised a moderator here doesn’t know who’s booking the show, I don’t mean that in a negative way just that one would think with all the research you must do you’d have read somewhere who was doing the writing

  • Si Nicholls

    Jeff Hardys yearly injury angle as he can’t get a visa to get into the UK

  • DevilBorn

    They are only putting the title back on Hardy in the hopes that he will stay with tna. Him and Jeffs contracts are coming up and with wwe signing a lot of names seems tna is scared Matt and Jeff will return to wwe. As well as they should be

  • Mike

    I don’t comment on tna much. I like it though. This double turn Matt to heel and ec3 to babyface was brilliantly done. Only seen it once before when del Rio
    Faced Ziggler for the world title
    And they had the double turn. Tna since moving to pop has improved a lot.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      nice twist by tna. carter is one of their top talents.

  • WrestlePimp

    It’s funny to me that the people turned on matt hardy for doing the same things ec3 had been doing the whole tournament…

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