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TNA Impact Wrestling (6/21): Six Sides Of Steel, New X-Division Champion

Welcome to WrestleNewz’s results from the latest Impact Wrestling. We get the typical video package to open the show. Lots of hype for tonight’s six sides of steel match between the Hardy Brothers.

Drew Galloway heads to the ring and immediately calls out Ethan Carter III (EC3). He’s out to apologize about last week. He says it was planned, but Drew still wants to fight. The two former champions discuss how they lost their title. EC3 blames Drew’s loss for entering a match he couldn’t win. They almost come to blows as Lashley is out. He gloats before Eli Drake interrupts. Drake says he’ll team with Lashley against EC3 & Drew. If Drake scores the pin, he wants a title shot.

Ethan Carter III & Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley and Eli Drake

Drew starts with a belly-to-belly on Eli Drake. Carter comes in and does some damage. Frequent tags from the faces. Drake with a neckbreaker on Carter and Lashley enters the match. He’s taking it to Carter. Good tag team work from the heels too. Carter makes a much needed tag to Drew. The match starts to break down. Carters hits the one percenter on Drake, but turns around and eats a spear from Lashley. Drew sends Lashley to the outside and sneaks a pin on Eli.

Winners: Ethan Carter III & Drew Galloway

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