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TNA Reportedly Owes Eric Young & Bobby Roode Six-Figures

David Herro, on the Pro Wrestling Report, recently noted how Bobby Roode and Eric Young left TNA after being owed lots of money.

“Bobby Roode and Eric Young left because they were owed, combined six figures,” said Herro. Combined. How do you not pay those two guys, right?”

For around 10 years, Young and Roode were members of TNA and considered veterans. They even joined the promotion at the same time as part of Team Canada. The former TNA World Champions have already starting appearing for NXT.

TNA has been cutting money everywhere lately and many feel if they don’t sell majority of their stock, they’ll be bankrupt in the near future.

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  • jcice13

    LOL I hope they don’t think they’ll see any of that money.ask all the workers and contractors in atlantic city when Trump screwed them at resorts.if they’re lucky they might see 10c on the dollar

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)

  • Fat Owens Fat

    A few years for now after TNA runs into the ground, we will see Dixie running for President. She’ll be the true heir to Trump.

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