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TNA Stars vs. Hardcore Stars on PPV?, Knockout Gone, Ryder’s Friend Gets Tryout

- TNA Knockout Rosita confirmed on Twitter that she is no longer with TNA. She tweeted on Friday:

“As of yesterday I am no longer employed w/TNA. It was the best decision 4me right now. THX 2: The fans! TNA & Dixie Carter 4the opportunity!”

– Zack Ryder’s friend The Big O received a tryout with TNA at a Gut Check event before Saturday’s TNA live event in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

– It was reported before that one of TNA’s upcoming themed pay-per-views will be a “Hardcore Justice 2″ show with an ECW theme to it. Word is this won’t be an actual ECW reunion with ECW Originals being brought back like the last show was. Officials will likely book something similar to a TNA vs. the hardcore world of wrestling theme with TNA stars taking on popular hardcore wrestlers from other promotions. One talent they may bring in for this show is Judas Mesias from Mexico, who last competed for TNA back in 2008.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • jcice13

    I guess the first clue Rosita was gone is the fact no one has seen her in like 6 months???

    • Daniel

      Wish TNA had as much faith as they used to in their Knockouts. I remember years ago,they had a main event on Impact with the KO’s and it stole the show…wish they refocused on the KO’s more because TNA has some of the best women Wrestlers.

      • CMmox

        See Tara aka Victoria, Mickie, Gail Kim, etc.

        • SdotC

          Note: All WWE talents. TNA’s biggest problem = making their own stars. Though, they are trying now, but it’s sort of cluttered by things like Bubba Ray Dudley’s main event push lol

          • CMmox

            Yes like James Storm and Bobby Roode are the only ones in my mind that are TNA’s product and got a push. (Aries=ROH, Tessmacher=former WWE diva) Oh and also Velvet I think is TNA original.

          • Adam Daniel John Thompson

            Abyss, AJ, Kaz, Daniels.
            But I don’t think it counts when the previous employer had no idea what they could do and never used them (ie Matt Morgan).

          • Adam Daniel John Thompson

            One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When WWE build up talented wrestlers then let them go, TNA would be stupid to ignore them.

          • CMmox

            Well as you mentioned WWE’s trash goes to TNA, mixed up with guys like AJ, CD, Roode,etc. But the fact is WWE builds the 75% of their roster adding indies sensations like Punk, Bryan,etc. while TNA builds like 20% of their own stars and that’s the main problem IMO.

  • zip

    The Big O in TNA? #AreYouSeriousBro?!

  • Daniel

    That’s what i love about TNA, they acknowledge that other wrestling promotions exist and they have TNA stars face-off against the other pronotions top talents. When TNA did the World X World Cup tournament, it was awesome, when TNA wrestles in Japan and faces off against japanese wrestlers, again..awesome. this is just another factor that sets TNA apart from WWE and other promotions.

    • Chelsii

      When you’re the largest company in the world of Professional Wrestling; why acknowledge anyone else? TNA does it just to stay afloat.

      • Daniel

        I in no way was stating which company is better. Simply stating a fact. We all know TNA is nowhere near as big or famous as WWE; but it’s great to have an alternative to tune into.

      • YM5

        legitimacy, you know how much easier it is to get over somebody as a former world champion than it is to get them over as a “young upstart”

      • Daniel

        I in no way was stating which company is better. Simply stating a fact. We all know TNA is nowhere near as big or famous as WWE; but it’s great to have alternatives to tune into.

      • Adam Daniel John Thompson

        WWE don’t need to acknowledge anyone, but when they go out of their way to pretend they are the only wrestling company in the world, it comes across as stupid.

  • Darsow44

    Necro Butcher versus Kurt Angle. I’m in.

  • CMmox

    Necro Butcher vs Raven vs Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley

    • Rob

      Necro Butchaaaaaaaa!

    • Adam Daniel John Thompson

      I loved it when Raven would float in & out of TNA, especially with his stuff against Mick Foley and Abyss.

      • CMmox

        Raven is a Hardcore Legend! (see 27 Hardcore titles)

  • Rob

    UHHH OOO it’s the Big O!!

  • Scott Wolf


    • Adam Daniel John Thompson

      WWE have just one more talented womens wrestler, and that’s Natalya. They had two before getting rid of Beth Pheonix.

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