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Update On TNA’s New Contracts

TNA has made some changes to their talent contracts recently. The changes will see talents who have recently re-signed or signed with the promotion receive a regular paycheck every two weeks.

Talents will not be paid bonuses for the indie shows they work if they have signed the new contract. If other promoters want to book a TNA talent, then TNA will assign the talent for the show, and TNA would then collect the booking fee.

Most of the TNA roster is still on the old contracts that are pay-per-appearance deals, which means if a talent worked a TNA show then they would be paid for that show and would not collect a paycheck every two weeks.

There are no plans to hold TNA house shows in the near future.

News from The Wrestling Observer website was used in this post.

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  • Mean Dean

    So basically for anyone who stayed, or signed a new contract got screwed, TNA must be broke AF

  • Starman

    So TNA wants a cut of the money it’s wrestlers earn elsewhere because TNA hardly runs any shows?! What a con.

  • TravXO

    Stealing money tna. They basically can’t earn a second income. Crooks

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