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Velvet Sky Rumor, Photo of a TNA Star’s Broken Nose from Friday Night

– For what it’s worth, a TNA employee was telling fans at last night’s live event in Raleigh, North Carolina that Velvet Sky is still employed by the company, just not on TV right now.

– Bobby Roode suffered a broken nose at Friday night’s TNA live event in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He teamed with Austin Aries to face Jeff Hardy and James Storm. Roode blamed the broken nose on his partner Aries. Here’s a photo:

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  • Mindy


  • Coolquip

    It’s-a me Robert Roode!

    Guess Aries’ is part-heel now.

  • jayman

    lol their kinda copying wwe with Austin Aires being Punk

    and hardy being cena, upset that people actually like hardy


    ^Absolutely Agree, not copying but using a similar process, Austin transitions from heel to one of the top babyfaces, wins the title from the top heel, even after that Jeff Hardy’s still the poster boy, meaning Aries has to go heel?

    Why would THE Champ hut the contender let alone try and one up him? that’s Hardy’s job, they’re doing the indy guy vs poster boy shit, it’s uncalled for, I don’t see why they can’t just WM 22′ it and let people decide(which the did and most wanted HHH)

  • http://wnz Tom

    There doing it because Hardy is so over with the crowd. TNA needs another top heel. All they have at this point really is Roode and Bully Ray.

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