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Viewership For Tuesday’s Episode Of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling drew 296,000 viewers on Tuesday night on Pop TV, which is down from the 326,000 viewers the episode drew last week. This was the post-Slammiversary show and also had to deal with major technical difficulties.


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  • jcice13

    the sad part is that the first 1hour 45 minutes was only commercials for that 70’s show and some celebrity game show, shown over and over and over, and that’s not the bad news, the BAD news is POP got higher ratings for those commercials than the wrestling show itself

  • jcice13

    and DUH of course the ratings would be down, after all they showed over an hour and a half of the same commercials…and POP what the hell were you thinking? why not just put on one of your programs with a crawler saying technical difficulties TNA will resume when they are cleared up…..weak aРstation weaker aРpromotion

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