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Viewership For Tuesday’s Episode Of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling drew 332,000 viewers on Tuesday night on Pop TV, which is up from the 312,000 viewers the episode drew last week. This was the third week without a replay of the show on the same night.

Impact ranked #91 in the top 150 shows on cable for the night. TNA went up against two NBA playoff games that drew over 4 million viewers.


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  • jcice13

    hey at least they’re moving up even if the number is low it’s still better than going down

    • DevilBorn

      It’s probably at its highest peak. Watch next week’s numbers will be lower

      • jcice13

        calm down now let’s see what happens, a month ago the number was a lot lower, wasn’t it around 270,000? so it’s a nice jump, of course it’s not a good number but isn’t that how it has to start? keeping an audience and building it gradually?.actually they’re doing exactly what Heyman said he would have done had he been the leader of the company 4 or 5 years ago…week to week doesn’t matter to me as much as month to at the end of may let’s see what the number is

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