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2013 WWE UK Tour Dates, CM Punk Blasts Lance Armstrong, Listen to JR

- Here are WWE’s dates for their next UK tour in November:

November 6: Belfast, Ireland
November 7: Dublin, Ireland
November 8: Brussels, Belgium
November 9: Birmingham, England
November 10: Cardiff, Wales
November 11: Manchester, England TV
November 12: Newcastle, England
November 13: Zurich, Switzerland
November 14: Roeun, France
November 15: Marseille, France

November 7 Barcelona, Spain
November 8: Gdansk / Madrid
November 9: Munich, Germany
November 10: Glasgow, Scotland
November 11: N/A (All talent at RAW)
November 12: Manchester, England TV
November 13: Nottingham, England
November 14: Leeds, England
November 15: London, England
November 16: Minehead, England

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross will be live on YahooSportsRadio.com this morning at 10:30am EST. JR will be discussing WWE and football.

– WWE Champion CM Punk took a shot at controversial cyclist Lance Armstrong, who admitted to doping this week:

“Lance Armstrong is a pussy. Straight edge. Drug free. For life. #livestronger”

  • frankie09

    my home city leeds is very honored
    to have the wwe come to our city
    and we have a long proud history of televising wrestling in the uk since the 80’s and now the american wrestling experience that will be a great early christmas present to the city thanks to the generosity of everyone at the wwe come nov the 14th .

    frankie smales

    (frankie smales tv and movie review uk)

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