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2016 Royal Rumble Results:Entries 11-20; Styles Goes Out, Zayn Is Back

Joining the Rumble at number 11 is Titus O’Neill, who heads to a very crowded ring with the likes of Jericho, AJ Styles, Kane, Kofi and of course, Roman Reigns.

And just like that, Titus eliminates Golddust.

In at number 12 is R-Truth. Who then decides he needs to put a ladder into the ring. Guess he thought this was Money In The Bank.

Kane then eliminates Truth.

Kofi avoids elimination by landing on Big E.

At number 13, of course, we get Luke Harper.

And then, suddenly, League of Nations, being directed by McMahon himself, pulls Roman out of the ring to assault him.

At number 14, we get Star Dust. And still, the focus is the assault on Roman, as Rusev hits a running splash through the Spanish Announce table. Now, of course, it means that Reigns is out, but not eliminated. Get the feeling he stays out till there are a lot less bodies in the ring?

Apparently, Kofi got eliminated during the League’s distracting assault.

Number 15 brings us the Big Show. Who then eliminates Titus.

All while EMTs are taking Roman to the back, or trying to-but he’s not out of the match.

At number 16, it is time for the man gravity forgot, Neville.

At number 17, it’s Braun Strowman in his first Rumble. And he quickly eliminates Kane and faces off against Show. Who goes out next.

At number 18, Kevin Owens hobbles to the ring. And Owens goes right after AJ.

Owens eliminates Styles, by telling him “Welcome to WWE”.

At number 19, it’s Dean Ambrose’ turn to wearily walk to the ring. Of course, he and Owens immediately brawl.

At number 20, it’s the return of Sami Zayn! Kevin Owens doesn’t look too thrilled, and the two go after each other. And Zayn tosses Owens over the top rope.






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