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2016 Royal Rumble Results:Flair Wins, Banks Shines

And we’ve gotten to the Divas Championship match, pitting former best friends against one another.

Crowd surely seems behind Becky, but both Divas are coming out of the gates fairly equal in the early going. The first few minutes kept a rather slow pace before Becky exploded with some clotheslines, but Charlotte quickly turned the tables.

Charlotte went for a kick on Becky, but missed Lynch and hit her father instead. Becky worked to take advantage of the distraction, but Ric recovered and went to distract Becky, which was the opening Charlotte needed to get the victory.

Winner, and still champion: Charlotte.

Post-match, Charlotte beat down Becky until Sasha’s music hit. Sasha came down, beat on Becky and then seemed to be all chummy with Charlotte, until Ms. Flair turned her back on Banks, at which point Sasha attacked. Interesting ending to an otherwise uneventful match.

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  • jcice13

    I realize charlotte’s a heel and all but to me it takes away from her credibly to have Ric involved all the time now in her matches..we all know who she is and who her daddy is… let her go it alone

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