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Tommy Dreamer Condemns Chair Shots To The Head

With the recent change in wrestling to better observe concussions, ECW icon Tommy Dreamer is now condemning their use.

“In ECW, it was ‘hit me as hard as you can with a steel chair’ and you did not put your hands up. In 2016, there should never be another chair shot to anyone’s head at any level, because we know more about concussions and all that,” said Dreamer. “I know I’ve had a lot of concussions,” Dreamer explained. “I’ve broke my neck, broke my back, torn my biceps, torn my pec, I’ve never had a surgery. I think everyone is just different.”

In ECW, Dreamer was known for taking and delivering chair shots to the head. Dreamer said his handwriting has decreased over the years and concussions might be the reason.

The complete interview with Live Audio Wrestling is below.

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  • Mike

    Agreed. Just unnesecary and dangerous.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      can’t believe they didn’t that 10 years ago.

  • Zack

    Haha! Lilyyyyyyy

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