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21 “WWE ’13” Downloadable Characters Announced – Ryback, Tensai, Divas, “Attitude Era” Stars

THQ announced Wednesday twenty-one downloadable characters that will be available for purchase for the WWE ’13 video game scheduled for release on Oct. 30.

WWE Superstars

* AJ Lee

* Antonio Cesaro

* Damien Sandow

* Drew McIntyre

* Layla

* Natalya

* Ryback

* Tensai

* The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)

* Yoshi Tatsu

“Attitude Era” Superstars

* Brian Pillman

* Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk)

* Diamond Dallas Page

* Gangrel

* Goldust

* Mike Tyson (pre-order bonus)

* Rikishi

* Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay)

* Val Venis

In addition, more content will be included as DLC such as Ministry Undertaker attire, Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock and John Cena’s 2004 United States Spinner Title.

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  • Kenny

    Gangrel and DDP <333

  • Bad News Bro

    I could sit here and bitch because they still lack Tyson Kidd, but they have BRIAN FUCKING PILLMAN! Nope, I’m more than cool with this.

  • slasher10

    again for like the third year now…no rosa…and no kaitlyn..they put in aj but not kaitlyn too wtf? other than that i think the list is pretty amazing besides the lack of kidd

  • The Ritty

    WOW! That’s AMAZING…Biggest roster EVER! This game is gonna be awesome.

  • Muscleman

    @Slasher, let me help you out. The reason why Rosa and Kaitlyn aren’t in the game is because they are minor Divas. With WWE games only the major (well known) Divas are included. Kaitlyn, for instance, is unknown to the fans who don’t watch WWE programming regularly. But on the other hand, a Diva who is regularly featured on TV (like AJ) is known by virtually every WWE fan.

  • Tyler

    I’m not complaining, but I personally wish that the Prime Time Players were in here. They literally would have made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in DLC sales. But it is a great list so I’m very happy. Can’t wait for October 30th!

  • slasher10

    very true man

  • Hawkins

    lol will we get to see Too Cool do The Dance!!?

  • Typical Internet Mark

    Ryback should have been the only current era superstar on the actual game. All of the other so-called wrestlers like CM Punk (whose a sell-out), John Cena (who can’t wrestle as good as my Ryback), Triple H, etc should have been DLC.

    Ryback’s such an amazing guy that all of us internet marks love, that we each go through 2 boxes of tissue papers when he’s on screen using his incredible move-set of 3 moves (if you get what the tissues are for, good for you!)

  • Where the fuck is the Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman?!

  • Rg41982

    This is dumb. Does tho mean 21$ worth of dlc plus 60$ for the game. That shit is crazy. That’s a lot that should have already been included.

  • Tmoney


  • ME

    Can’t wait for this game. Just pre-ordered it yesterday. Gonna be awesome!

  • Real Kosher

    don’t know why but I’m teaming ddp and ryback up

    and tensai and tatsu also

    brian pillman, y2j, edge, christian and heath slater anyone?…yes please

  • Richie


  • DDP-Rock: WrestleMania XV
    Diamond Cutter meets the Rock Bottom 😉

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