3 Huge Main Events in the Works for WrestleMania 29, Cena vs. The Streak

- While nothing has been announced and WWE will likely change plans between now and then, F4Wonline.com reports that the company is working towards Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock for the WWE Title, Steve Austin vs. CM Punk and Jonh Cena vs. The Undertaker for the top matches at WrestleMania 29.

Regarding Cena and The Undertaker, WWE.com has a new video up with several stars talking about the Hell in a Cell match from WrestleMania 28 and how it was truly the end of an era. Cena comments on The Streak:

“I know he holds the streak near and dear but I don’t see any reason for him to try for 21st. After seeing the last four matches he’s had at WrestleMania, I am certainly not involved with throwing my name in that hat.”

  • Gomez

    Omg 2 years ago matches like this were almost as likely as me winning the lottery still cant tell if im dreaming or not

  • Ross

    YES ! YES ! YES !

  • Bignic

    If this is true about Cena and Taker then that three straight Mania matches lost by Cena. Sounds like great news to me. Plus Brock and Rock 2 and then Punk and Austin sounds like great matches to me. I hear a lot of complaining from the current wrestlers backstage.

  • brandon

    Matt Striker: I AM MARKING OUT BRO

  • rick

    Something so powerful will not go away it will stick with Bryan for the longevity of his career similar to Austin”s what and angle”s you suck to bad WWe are to stupid to capitalize huh and they say they cant push new stars

  • Rg41982

    I like all those matches. But let’s keep shit real. I don’t want to see no one in the taker vs streak match unless they will get build up after that. The game is cool but lets face it we know he wasnt gonna lose the same with cena he not beating the streak. I want to say db right now. I really think dolph can pull it off 2.

  • jonathan

    those are awesome matches but what happens when they run out of established stars to bring back for these dream matches. eventually they’re going to have to get behind the current roster and create new stars.

  • Spartak

    I hope that if they do Rock vs. Lesnar for the WWE title that either it is vacant or Rock is defending it. Lesnar doesn’t deserve to have the WWE title after he screwed over the WWE after only like 2 years. But no matter what, if that match does happen I will/would be pissed if the Rock did not come out on top with the title in hand.

  • Spartak

    @Rick actually they are already starting on Yes Yes Yes shirts even though they think the chants will die down.

  • Spartak

    actually I meant just the one YES on the shirt not multiple ones.

  • Jbreed

    These are great dream matches but the WWE can’t keep relying on guys from the past to sell their product. How about trying to replace guys like The Undertaker, Steve Austin and The Rock? Back in the Attitude era they never needed to bring in stars from the Hulk Hogan era or the New Generation Era. They went and created a whole new batch of characters and the Attitude era turned out to be the most awesome era ever. The WWE is a joke.

  • jonathan

    jbreed is right. wwe is getting to the end of the list of past stars to bring back for these dream matches. they need to make NEW stars.

    that’s why i think tna is in a better position in the long term, because they are making new stars. obviously they can’t make as big of stars wwe can, but they can make stars for their company, and that’s what they’re doing with guys like roode, storm, bully ray, aries, etc. i know ill probably get bashed, because God forbid someone actually praise tna on the internet but that’s how i see things right now.

  • David

    Okay, so:

    Rock vs Brock 2
    Punk vs Austin
    Cena vs Taker

    What about Daniel Bryan?! The American Dragon FINALLY needs his Wrestlemania moment! Is there any chance DB vs Sheamus 3 would work? The backlash from this year should force WWE brass to give them time next year, and they can STILL steal the show.

    On a side note, watching Cena lose for ANOTHER straight Mania will be worth the price of admission alone…or at least the trouble of finding a reliable and FREE HD link…lol!

  • Alejandro

    I wonder if they’ll give Brock Lesnar a push for the WWE Title in the next couple of months. The Rock is going to be gone for a couple of months as he starts doing film projects again and he’s not coming back until Summerslam at least. I would like to see those two develop a rivalry again.

    I think CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin will happen at Wrestlemania 29 next year. I see Stone Cold coming back one more time in the ring wrestling CM Punk and Stone Cold has said in interviews that he would like to face CM Punk in the ring at Wrestlemania.

    John Cena vs. The Undertaker would be a good match for Wrestlemania 29. Just don’t develop the match into a year long rivalry and we’re going have to wait and see if The Undertaker wants to wrestle again at Wrestlemania.

  • Bignic

    @jbreed who the hell is going to replace the Undertaker?

  • Jbreed

    @Bignic Sure they’re not gonna find another Undertaker but you just don’t get it. The WWE keeps relying on guys who have one match a year and when these guy ain’t around they find themselves neck deep in shit because of the lack of star power. BTW who ever thought they could replace Hulk Hogan, the guy who revolutionized the industry? But they did and the guy who replaced Hogan (Steve Austin) basically put the company Hogan worked for out of business.

  • CJ

    You wanna see the streak end lets see Austin vs Taker at 29. Scrubs the likes of Bryan,Punk,and Cena don’t even deserve to be mentioned with names like Stone Cold and Undertaker.

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