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3MB vs. a Rapper?, Another Special WWE The Soup, Sara Del Rey Update, More

– WWE NXT trainer Sara Del Rey turned 32 years old on Tuesday. She has been working with WWE’s developmental Divas down in Florida.

– John Cena vs. CM Punk is advertised for the November 19th RAW from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

– Rapper Flo Rida will be one of the performers for WWE’s Tribute to the Troops this year and it looks like he may be picking back up on the feud with Heath Slater from earlier this year. Slater wrote on Twitter that Flo Rida better watch his back at the event.

– A clip of The Miz and Mick Foley was featured on this week’s episode of The Soup. There will be another special WWE edition of The Soup next Wednesday night at 10:30pm EST, titled “The Soup Meets WWE: Piledriving Clips In Your Face.” It will feature Hornswoggle, Eve Torres, Daniel Bryan, Jerry Lawler and others.

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  • Opie

    I thought it was going too be that Eminem wannabe John Cena

  • jayman

    K-Fed should come back to feud with John Cena’s ratchet ass

  • Mick

    Generic Rock vs. Rap? I’m a metalhead, but I’ll take rock any day of the week over rap.

  • Eminem wannabe? Is that all you’ve got, Opie? Cena is his own man and doesn’t need to be anybody’s wannabe. And just in case you didn’t know, John Cena is a damn good rapper. He is just as good as Eminem, if not better. Now get that into your thick skull.

  • EC

    To quote the West Texas Rednecks partially, because of Cena, Rap is (now) Crap

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    @lisa is cena good as eminem.well your high as fuck

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