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A.W. Angry With Linda McMahon, Rips WWE For Double Standards

After WWE unceremoniously terminated A.W.’s contract Friday for what a company spokesman said was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after uttering a rape joke on the July 30 episode of Raw, the All World Promotions chief posted a barrage of vitriolic messages on Twitter blistering his former employer for what he perceives are double standards.

A.W. strongly feels it is unjust that he’s now out of job when Big Show made a similar remark referencing NBA player Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case, Vince McMahon reneged WWE’s anti-bullying campaign two months ago on Raw by ridiculing Jim Ross’ facial paralysis, CM Punk told a fan on Twitter to kill himself, Triple H simulated mock sex with a mannequin in a casket, McMahon used a racial epithet on national television, and the company showcased a character making light of mentally challenged individuals, among other unsavory events. Fans comments he posted include: “VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???”

“McMahon is a hypocrite! It’s cool for him to mock JR’s Bells Palsy, & you aren’t cut any slack for one joke? #BeAStarVince.”

“I hope Vince hasn’t forgot How he mocked @JRsBBQ on #RAW live, and @AWPromotions gets released for one joke?”

“@if only you had strangled someone with your tie, you’d be back within 6 months lol.”

“so Dx can tell everyone to suck it but u can’t make a joke?”

“@CMPunk told one of his twitter followers to kill themselves. biggest double standard in the world.”

“@kane has sex with a dead girl but @AWPromotions makes a kobe joke and gets fired.”

“Vince can kick the leg out from under a one legged kid, wrestle women, mock The mentally retarded and he fired you!!!”

“@Didn’t Big Show make a Kobe Bryant reference in a battle rap with Cena in 2003 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V6gr8CB-Eg … but AW gets let go?”

A.W. feels he is a casualty of Linda McMahon’s Republican pursuit of a United States Senate seat in Connecticut, which many have speculated has led the sports-entertainment organization to take action on any matter deemed controversial so as not to affect her campaign.

He tweeted to Linda, “Creates jobs my ass!! I’m fired thanks to you and your campaign.”

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  • todd

    boycot wwe

  • jay

    i agree with a. , i support him and i dont give a number 2 what other says ..

  • Muscleman

    WWE screwed up on AW so badly. How on earth does someone get released for telling a joke? As a big WWE fan, I’ve always been in support of Linda’s senate campaign but having seen AW unceremoniously dismissed because of her political aspirations, Linda may as well go to hell. It’s just so sad seeing someone get fired because of such a petty issue. Just when I thought the tag division was resurecting, AW gets terminated and with it goes the PT players. Vince, does Linda’s senate campaign mean more to you than your own company’s success? Fucking SAD.

  • blake

    “creates jobs my ass” nice burn

  • PIT



  • michelle

    Please He shouldn’t be mad at Linda Mchahon or The WWE because he is the one who should be angry with himself because he is the one that made that comment that he made not Linda’s or the wwe’s fault its his….

  • RCmaster305

    @michelle did you even read what he said? there have been shit that has happened in the wrestling buisness 10x worst then that joke infact big show made a kobe bryant joke himself where is his punishment? the point is wwe are hypocrites and have gotten too soft thanks to lindas fucking campaign

  • Jimmy

    I would like to thank AW for pointing out the obvious by calling Vince McMahon a hypocrite. Everyone already knew that, and a lot of the things he mentioned happened before 2008 (when WWE went PG). Times have changed.

  • Mike

    Omg aw sounds like such a cry baby , you got fired shit happens get over it !! I hate when people get fired or in trouble and are quick to point out everyone elses flaws or mistakes just to make themselves not look bad . Accept the punishment for your actions .regardless if it was right or wrong don’t start trying to throw others under the bus . Talking about cm punk , big show , Kane , etc … man up son don’t be a snitch .Smh

  • peter

    im so facking sad right now we need do at every wwe event a aw chant

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    In Big Show’s defense, Linda McMahon wasn’t running for office in 2003…not to mention WWE wasn’t rated PG. (Everyone always seems to write WWE’s history as “Attitude Era”, then “PG Era”, and they forget that there was a 5-6 year period that wasn’t considered the “Attitude Era” but was still rated TV-14) So there was no reason to punish Big Show because there was no fear of backlash. But things always get really stiff when Linda runs for office. It would probably be best for her and for the company itself if she just accepted the fact that she’s not likely to be elected because of the path that she chose. It’s like trying to become an elementary school teacher when you’ve got a couple of years of stripper experience in your resume.

    But I feel like this is going to come to a head and, if the two both live much longer, end with Vince and Linda divorcing. I don’t think Vince is going to essentially give up WWE to help Linda’s political ventures, and it doesn’t look like Linda has no intention of letting go of her indirect choke hold on WWE by ending her pursuit of public office.

    As nuts as it sounds, I can’t wait until Triple H and Stephanie take over in both name and practice. Say what you will about them, but they’ll be all in on the company instead of trying to dabble in government. And for those who say that Trips and Steph would keep things as are…just remember that Triple H as the (co)leader of DX was probably at the peak of his popularity during the Attitude/Post-Attitude TV14 era. Just saying…

  • Rg41982

    Aw is not fucking playing! He put them all on blast. But we know who he won’t be working for again!

  • Richie

    Personally i think AW should have known better than to crack a joke like that! For one…all that shit that has happened in the past was before the PG era and before Linda’s political aspirations began…and AW should have known that he did not have the status in the company such as someone like a Rock or an Austin or Cena…those guys could have gotten away with it…truthfully i think AW got a bit to bold for someone with a low status in the company!

    Sure, i know its BS what happened to him, but ultimately i believe he should have known there would be major backlash from a comment like that in todays WWE!

  • Chelsii.

    Fuck Linda McMahon.

    Fuck the Republicans.

  • Chelsii.

    Republicans are the downfall of wrestling. I know that damn Bush was behind this firing and the Shockmaster.

  • Chelsii.

    @richie. All of that wasn’t before the PG era. DX was just on Raw a few weeks ago and Punk telling a fan to kill themselves was recently as well, as was Vince mocking JRs face.

  • Chelsii.

    Please stop commenting as me you pathetic Republicunt loser.

  • bork lazer

    Guys I don’t like this,A.W. Shouldn’t have been released,but now it is causing all of you and the WWE Universe to become like that guy who bashed WWE,and Linda in Linda’s campaign from a few weeks back,we all hated that he said that,but then you turn around and do the same thing. HYPOCRITES! We all know that if A.W. would have said that same joke in 2006 for example,he wouldn’t have been fired,hell HE WOULDN’T HAVE EVEN GOT SUSPENDED! But WWE has to pander to the groups against all things bad,they want to copy Disney and shit,but what can we do about it!? 

    BOTTOM-LINE is we don’t have to be Hypocrites. Let’s just wish A.W. well and HOPE and PRAY he becomes a world famous comedian,cause I love that hut to be honest lol. We don’t want to be like the Linda/senate basher dude.

    I know there have been 10x worse things but that was in a different era,now it’s the PG era and we must suffer sadly :'(

  • WWF

    who care i only ever thought he was ok and thats back when he had his show

  • havok

    he definitely burned the bridge leading back to wwe. what i find weird is that he gets fired for making a rape joke (a rape that didnt happen) but he didnt get in trouble for the racial remarks he made at MITB PPV towards epico & primo calling them taco bell and saying they run like theyre trying to get across the boarder…come wwe

  • Rich316

    Its sad how ppl blame republicans for there troubles … learn to responsibility … Just like Obama … I inherited this and that … it sucks what happend to A.W …. But i also think C.M Drunk should at least get fined … I dnt think any one should have there right of free speach taken away as well … But when you say or do some thing .. Take it like a man … Dnt bitch and whine how unfair life is … All these performers like DX , Rock , Stone Cold and many others earn the right … It was a diffrent time … I dnt like the PG ratting WWE has … But if your going to fine or fire some you have to do it to all proformers …

  • Jessica

    Don’t vote for Linda.

  • k1dv1d

    @ bork laser. 1 nice name btw,very funny. 2.this kind of off topic but disney is one of the furthest things from “good,clean and wholesome ” how about the racist as hell scene in dumbo with the “black” crows or the movie song of the south,or or the implication in king lewie’s song i want to be like you w that all black people arent people but just talking monkeys .if any thing disney is just like wwe, the only difference is disney tries to be suttle at times with their little ignorant message. that and i heard a rumor that walt disney was nazi sympathiser. personally i think its pathetic that this type of shit goes on even the fact that its the year 2012 and our presidewnt is black and you we still have retarded ass inbread mother fuckers whom for some reason still beleive that whites are the supiorior race when really they arent at all.and you gotta admit, with all the other cultures we have in america, it would be a boring and bland as hell place to live. soory i told you it would be a little of topic

  • ^@k1dv1d: How old are you? Where do you get your information? As a self-professed “expert” on Walt Disney, I can tell you that he was most definitely NOT a Nazi! In the early 1940’s, Walt let the U.S.Army use Walt Disney Studios for an army base. Also during that time, he produced many propagana films for the government, to help with the war effort. These films ranged in topic from paying your taxes, to supporting our troops. Walt even won an Oscar for the ANTI-Nazi cartoon short, “Der Fuerer’s Face”, starring Donald Duck. And many AF fighter jets and Navy boats were emblazoned with Disney characters doing battle during WWII. Walt was pure American, from head to toe.
    Regarding the films you referenced, some of those characters are stereotypical, and were a sign of the times (early 1940’s). They were never meant to harm anyone. And they certainly wouldn’t be made today. Oh, as for the Jungle Book, King Louie wants to be human. I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about.
    I too am sorry for being off topic, but I had to respond. Disney is one of my many passions!

  • bork lazer



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