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Adam Rose Faces The Judge On Domestic Battery & Felony Tampering

Adam Rose faced a Florida judge this morning for misdemeanor domestic battery and felony tampering with a witness charges. His wife was also present and persuaded the judge to go easy on her husband. The two have a special needs child and the wife thought it was best if both parents were around.

Earlier in the week, Rose was accused of grabbing his wife’s face during an argument and grabbing her phone when she tried to call 911 for help.

Rose entered the courthouse in an orange jumpsuit and shackles.

After paying $1,000 bond, Rose should be released later today. Rose will have to meet with a pastor until June; when he’s due back in court.

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


    • Joe

      #NO. #JailTimeWasEarned

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    The judge a lemon

  • Bradley Patterson

    Well damn…there goes his job w the wwe

    • wooooooooooo!

      No all he does is jobs in wwe

  • cp munk

    Might as well get rid of him. Maybe he was just having a bad day, but you add that on top of already being suspended for drug violation he’s not worth the bs.

  • Joe

    Looks like he was wrong about lemons all along….its the oranges you gotta look out for…

  • DexDude

    I know this is a bad thing and you should never do something like that to anyone, but first hearing about this I assumed it was something worse (like he beat up his wife). I don’t know how hard he “grabbed her face” but I mean it doesn’t seem like nearly as big of a issue as I originally thought.

    Either way they should really (and probably will) fire him, not only for this but because of the timing. He was only recently suspended and with the recent budget cuts it seems inevitable.

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