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Additional Details On CM Punk Fan Attack On Raw

As reported earlier, WWE Champion CM Punk twice struck a fan while he was in the stands at the conclusion of Monday’s Raw in Sacramento, California. According to a ringside source, a fan shoved Punk, prompting the attack. Punk retaliated by backhanding a male, who may not have actually been the perpetrator. He then moved toward the person and lunged. WWE’s cameras were cutting back and forth between Vince McMahon in the ring and Punk in the crowd when the incident occurred.


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  • bob

    punk should be in deep shti for this but not fired! dumb move on punk’s part to do something this stupid. wtf was he thinking?

  • Alejandro

    I saw the video a couple of times already. The guy who got punched didn’t even do shit to CM Punk. He was just putting his glasses on and he got punched. A guy in a red shirt was the one that shoved Punk. And he (Red Shirt guy) wasn’t even near the guy who got punched by CM Punk. I’m a fan of CM Punk but what the he did was totally fucking dumb and unprofessional.

  • Tony

    That guy, whoever he is, is about to become very, VERY rich.

  • Z…..

    i just have a hard time believing that he would really be stupid enough to do it. therefore, until otherwise confirmed 100%, I am gonna stick to this being an angle. If it is real though, then as I said in the article with the video, that dude is gonna get paaaaiiiiddddd

  • Ben

    I’m a big time Punk fan, but come on man!!! Not saying that fans have the right to put their grubby hands on the wrestlers, but I’m sure Punk has had worse done to him while jumping in the crowd. And plus, what the Fuck, jumping into the fans has been “vintage” Punk for a long time now, it’s bound to happen sooner or later, way to over react! Bottom line everybody was in the wrong (except the guy who got punched) but Punk owes a big time apology for his unprofessionalism.

  • maxpower

    Ha the CM Punk marks on here are disagreeing with Punk? its the end of the world!

  • ICouldBeWrong

    Here’s a video from a better point of view:

  • ICouldBeWrong

    ^ video of the incident* I meant.

  • lel
  • Chelsii.

    You can clearly see him shove the back of Punk’s head, he should’ve beat all those stupid fucks there. Fan got what was coming.

  • Jeremy

    After seeing the fan video I wouldn’t put all the blame on Punk, from the TV angle it looks like Punk just hauls off and backhands him, but from the fan video you can clearly see Punk really getting shoved around and then then the guy hits Punk in the back of his head with his forearm when he goes to put on his glasses (what a tool).

    Also, the fan went to a local reporter about it, and told them he was going through with filing charges, and they posted pictures of him, if it was an angle they would have gone to a reporter and they probably would have made up a few nice bruises for the cameras.

    I do think you could put a lot of the responsibility on WWE for putting Punk in the situation, I’ve been to a few events where wrestlers go in to the stands, and clearly they didn’t have the section properly secured, I’ve never seen a wrestler getting shoved around that hard on TV.

  • JP

    the only thing wrong with CM Punk’s actions is that he apparently struck the wrong guy. the moron shoving him half a dozen times stood behind other people like a coward. heel or not, you just can’t go shoving a wrestler who runs and stands in the middle of the crowd when a promo is going. Punk did the right thing, if someone shoves me without reason, I’m certainly gonna strike them back. somewhat unprofessional, I admit, but who here wouldn’t have done the same thing? Punk almost fell down the stairs because of the shoving.

  • bomb

    This only makes me love CM Punk more. He’s everything a pro wrestler is supposed to be.

    Great stuff.

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