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AJ Lee Resigns as General Manager of Raw, Managing Supervisor Appointed

– AJ Lee announced on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw that she is resigning as General Manager of Raw due to fraternizing with a member of the RAW roster.

– After Paul Heyman was denied the position of General Manager of Raw, Vince McMahon announced that Vickie Guerrero has been appointed the managing supervisor of WWE Raw.

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  • LumberJac

    She made a Lumber Jack match (Heel)WWE Champ vs (face)World Champ which is going to lead to a match to Survivor series elimination match.

  • Cee Jaih

    Finally then AJ should focus on the ring from now on, and Vince your stupid

  • Y2J

    Fuck you, just started watching it and you fucking spoil it for me. Thanks a lot you peice of shit. Fuck you.

  • ^then why don’t you just finish watching the show before you visit this site when you know it reports spoilers….

  • Brody Lawrence

    So they replace AJ as GM over unproven rumors of fraternizing with a WWE star and replace her with…..Vickie Guerrero; someone who proudly calls herself a cougar and has a proven record of fraternizing with various WWE stars while in a position of authority. Yep, it all makes sense in a WWE kind of way. Oh and I just loved Vince’s explanation to Cena. Even he couldn’t make a sincere effort to offer a good explanation of his own nonsense. Between Monday Night Football, Game 7 of the NLCS, and the final Presidential debate I hope this show gets below a 2.00 rating.

  • Joseph

    THANK GOD AJ is gone.

  • nightmare

    AJ IS NOT GONE JUST WAIT AND SEE SHE GOING TO GET HER JOB BACK AS GM AND I HOPE BEATS THE HELL OUT OF VICKI .And yes I know it’s a story line but I can stand Vicki for one second.

  • Alejandro

    I wish AJ could fraternize with me 😉

  • Drew

    I’m sad that AJ isn’t GM because now Viickie is “Managing Supervisor” in her place.
    But I am also happy she isn’t GM anymore because she belongs in the ring showing most of the divas how to wrestle and SHOULD be given the Divas title for a lengthy run with the title.

  • PlanoStu

    Gotta love crazy chicks!

  • Drew

    @LumberJac but didn’t she also deny Heyman’s request to give Punk the opportunity to choose his HiaC opponent? So I don’t know if she is totally a heel, then again maybe she is but just doesn’t like Heyman and will not let him have his way.

  • Why did they make Vicki in charge no one likes her wwe says everyone loves to hate the heels but it ruins the show for everyone just pick a good gm and have them stay

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