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AJ Styles Discusses BFG Series, TNA Cancels Upcoming Event

– Embedded in the video below, AJ Styles discusses his victory over Bobby Roode in the Bound for Glory Series.

– TNA canceled their upcoming live event at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO for September 13th.

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  • Rawr

    That’s it mane.
    Ever since the format changed this sites only gotten worse.
    late reporting, articles in the wrong section, reposting (even from their own site).
    I quit!!

    • YM5

      not to mentioned the recommended articles are all ancient now, rather than the next three articles like it was

  • Damian Starr

    Hey Zach arnold, look AJ isn’t in the final four yet… contradictory to your last article!

    • Daniel_P1

      Damian, after last week’s impact tapings, AJ has moved on and earned 20 pts to be in the final four.

      • Damian Starr

        A) thanks for the spoiler and B) The TV tapings aren’t that far so how am I supposed to know?

        • Daniel_P1

          A). This is a dirtsheet and spoilers website, so sorru if Idid spoil it for you; but that’s what this site is about. B) Well, I’m sure you know they record two episodes of impact on the same night, so spoilers are up immediately a few hrs after impact live.

  • KingBack

    Why is this under WWE news?

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