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AJ Styles On Rumors Of Him Being Injured

WWE Smackdown
There were rumors that AJ Styles may have suffered a neck injury at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings during a match with Alberto Del Rio. Styles landed badly on his head, and that caused some concern from fans. Styles was just selling after the match. He is NOT injured.

A fan asked Styles on Twitter if he would be wrestling on the upcoming WWE tour of Dubai this week. Styles responded with this:

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


    • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

      Don’t tease us like that ever again smh lol

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m praying for all of Styles’ bones, muscles, and ligaments to stay in one piece, at least until this program with Reigns is over. Getting injured is one thing, but getting hurt during a high-profile angle like the one Styles is in the middle of, is a one-way ticket to the midcard. Especially for smaller guys.

  • Zack

    Waittttt (we really need a chat section where we can bring things up because this hardly has to do with AJ being injured)

    Now bare with me, don’t take me too seriously about this because the chances are less than 1%. We’re constantly guessing who the third member of the Bullet Club will be.

    AJ and Finn would make sense and would delight the fans. Reigns would be a somewhat surprise but it’s as surprising as Seth Rollins turning on the Shield. People only talked about it for like a month. BUT if they want to turn the WWE and world of wrestling upside down and do something as groundbreaking as Hogan’s heel turn, what if by some minuscule chance, the third member turns out to be CM Punk.

    Gallows and Punk already have a connection. Punk’s UFC stint has been held back by injuries and maybe they decide it’s not going to happen. Maybe AJ Lee has been turned on to the new era of the women’s division. Maybe Vince did what he’s done with Warrior and Hogan and Austin and brought them back. Again don’t take this too seriously but if it did happen, would that not be worth at least a slow clap to the WWE for giving us something historically groundbreaking (which they haven’t done in forever)?

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