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AJ Styles Set To Sign With WWE

AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Shinsuke Nakamura informed NJPW officials at the Wrestle Kingdom 10 event that they’ve been approached by WWE and are leaving the promotion for WWE.

No word on when they will officially start with the company. We hope to have more details shortly.

News from The Wrestling Observer website was used in this post.

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  • mitland

    Is this real, or has Ravens got me again?

    • Buss da 6’1

      I dont think its April yet

      • mitland

        This is going to make NXT really fun to watch.

        • Buss da 6’1

          I think theyll go at league of nations

          • mitland

            I’d like that too.

    • Warren Roby

      Nah dude…. It’s on 3 other pages too.

  • Lara_P1

    If this is real, AJ in wwe will be either Epic or a total disaster (bc of bad booking).

    • Meg Matthews

      In wwe who is similar in style/would be a good opponent for Aj? As ive not seen him :)

      • Victor82

        D Bryan

      • Z….

        there are so many names. He can probably work with anyone, to be honest. It would be fun to see him against some of the better all around in-ring guys. Some of them, he has obviously faced on the indies before. If you havent seen much of AJ Styles, and are a professional wrestling fan, please do yourself a big favor and look up some of his amazing matches. It may be easier to look up his TNA stuff. So I would look for matches against Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, but you really cant go wrong. His moniker is legit. He is phenomenal

        • Meg Matthews

          Awesome thanx ?? I just hope they make good use of him & don’t bury/mid card him

        • Lara_P1

          bro, im so pumped for this! AJ is my guy, WWE better not screw him up!

          • Z….

            Its hard not to assume they will though. I havent watched wwe in 7-8 years now, and havent watched TNA or any other promotion for almost 2. I would consider taking a look to see AJ Styles get this opportunity. People dont realize how amazing he is all around. Its not just the spots. He is great on the mat as well

      • Lara_P1

        Meg, if you have not seen AJ, you are in for a treat! The guy can do it all; he can wrestle, he can fly, he can brawl. I match that would be amazing is AJ vs Rollins, it could easily main event Wrestlemania! if u wanna see highlights: here is early AJ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25JYZ2ncx48
        and here is more recent AJ:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghNH6BxVIac

        • Meg Matthews

          Damnnnn he’s got some moves, I hope they make proper use of him & he don’t stay in development for to long & get forgotten about. I think him vs ambrose would be a good match too ?? I know slight different styles but they’d put on a great match

  • Z….

    and they will join the names in developmental that should be on that main roster. Then, when they actually get to the main roster in their 40s, they will be jobbers.Should be interesting to have as many names as they currently do under contract. I wonder if they would consider another brand split. Its more likely that they’ll just continue to keep guys down in NXT, and pushing the same guys though

  • daddydoody13

    and why are the young bucks not joining? bullet club in wwe would be amazing but without the young bucks it wont be the same.

    • Rizzy

      No they’re overrated spot monkeys these 4 are real talents

  • Rizzy

    Whoa! Awesome news. Hopefully they continue this version of Bullet Club and feud or align with Balor. Swagamura in WWE? Yeah-oh!!!!!

  • Meg Matthews

    Aj styles am excited to see havent seen him in action but heard hes good? Doc gallows why has he improved since last in wwe? (he was in previously wasnt he or am i imagining it)? The others never seen are they any good? :)

    Is the only place to see them on youtube? As sadly the Uk doesnt seem to show much over here aside from wwe & tna :-/

  • FacePuncher

    I imagine these 4 will go to NXT first where they will be appreciated and able to have amazing matches. Then they will be called to the main roster, watered down, told how to work the ‘correct WWE way’, perform in front of silent crowds (why do people buy tickets and then sit in silence? I never understood that but then again here in the UK we make noise at any kind of sports event) and fall into mid card obscurity. Shinsuke will suffer the most. No way will they let him be King of Strong Style.

  • It Begins kid

    Doc Gallows returning to WWE?

    Imposter Kane
    Luke Gallows

  • MEH

    HaHaHa I called this one 2 days ago. Be great to see Styles in the Rumble!

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