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AJ Styles: WWE Wrestlers “Respect What I’ve Done”

AJ Styles has competed around the world for many wrestling promotions, like TNA, NJPW and AAA. The former NWA Champion thinks the WWE locker room met him with open arms this past January.

“I can’t describe how great the locker room is,” said Styles. “This is why the WWE is successful, because they have a locker room that gets it done. These guys get it and understand, and they’re ready to get out there and work. They know we’re in the entertainment business, and they respect what I’ve done. You don’t see that everywhere.”

It’s been a month since Styles joined the WWE at the Royal Rumble. His first feud was against Chris Jericho, which he won the third and final bout at Fastlane.

To read the entire interview with Atlanta Journal-Constitution, please click here.

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