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Alberto Del Rio About Choosing WWE Over TNA

Zeb Colter
When Alberto Del Rio left the WWE, there was lots of anger from the Mexican superstar. Del Rio was initially suspended by WWE for slapping a social media worker, who made a racial remark. Still, he rejoined WWE.

“At the end of the day you can love what you do, but you have to be rewarded,” said Del Rio to Indian Express. “If somebody wants to have me in their organization, they have to pay me, and there is no other place like WWE, which is a major league of progress and growth. TNA does not have the wherewithal as WWE does.”

At Hell in a Cell 2015, Del Rio returned with Zeb Colter to form MexAmerica. While the angle was quickly dropped, Del Rio was the one to dethrone and end John Cena’s United States Championship run.

Del Rio has found success in WWE, being the only person to win Money in the Bank and the Royal Rumble within a year. He’s also been World Heavyweight and WWE Champion.

As for TNA, rumors continue about how the promotion is in financial trouble and may soon need a new investor.

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  • Mean Dean

    Del Rio prefers direct deposit over bounced checks

    • DevilBorn

      I forgot, did they bounce any checks or were they just handing out IOU’s in a envelope?

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