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Alberto Del Rio Press Conference In Mexico

Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico this afternoon to discuss his departure from WWE and his future in the wrestling business. Wrestling Observer provided the highlights with Luchablog and Fredo Esparza providing the translations.

Del Rio had apparently grown uncomfortable working in WWE and was considering taking his leave for the last couple months. He was unhappy with his second run in the company and had lost his passion. Having accomplished everything possible in WWE, Del Rio felt he had nothing inspiring him to continue.

He had thus requested to be released from his WWE contract, which led to the hashing out of a mutual departure agreement.

As was previously reported, the 90 day no-compete clause that is typical of WWE contracts does not apply to Del Rio in this case. He can start performing in Mexico immediately and can return to action in the United States shortly. Del Rio said that he is in talks with AAA, CMLL, and Elite already but doesn’t want to sign any exclusive contracts. He then reportedly confused these claims by stating that Elite has not yet contacted him.

Del Rio only wants to work 60 matches a year and is eyeing a more permanent retirement on the horizon. He also said that he wants to return to Arena Mexico.

The banner at the presser used the name Alberto El Patron, which is a name Del Rio wrestled under once upon a time and will be using again.

Del Rio’s girlfriend and suspended WWE star, Paige, was reportedly in attendance but did not sit at the table or answer any questions. He did not mention either of their WWE Wellness Policy violations.

Finally, Del Rio said that he is currently negotiating a deal for a commentating job but gave no other specifics about it.

*Image courtesy of Plantilla Deportiva on Twitter

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