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Alex Shelly on Injuries Sustained Throughout His Career

Former TNA Wrestler Alex Shelly reflected on Twitter the various injuries he has suffered since joining NJPW with the following Tweets:

September 2012, my first @njpw1972 tour. 4 broken front teeth via rabbit clothesline from Rocky Romero. I could hear my teeth “Ping!” when they hit the guard rail and spit chunks out as I finished the match. Later, I could smell the burning and taste the dust when they ground down the shards to bond them when I went back to Detroit after the tour.

April 2013, partially paralyzed vocal cord via Prince Devitt lariat. Had to change some of the songs at band practice and now I sound like a full time smoker. Not counting the damage from the brutal dropkicks to the face. Alex Shelly on Injuries Sustained Throughout His Career

June 2013, slightly fractured skull via Plancha from Taka Michinoku. Spinal fluid actually leaked out my nose for a week after and I had I idea of the severity until I went to the doctor weeks later. Wrestled again that night against Devitt in a dream come true.

Finally, September 2013, severe sciatica via Liger Bomb from @taichi0319. Bad enough injury that I had to let a bunch of people down and forego my chance to become a 3 time IWGP Jr. Tag Champion. Had a hard time walking, couldn’t workout, and totally rethought my life.”

Shelly also questioned to himself whether he should retire from professional wrestling or carry on.

“I don’t consider myself tough, persay. I just really love wrestling. And @njpw1972 is wrestling. I was “orphaned”, by my choice, and NJPW gave me a home. So while I waited in the doc’s office, I really thought that 2012-2013 was my favorite year of my career. I grew the most as a wrestler, I (hopefully) won over @njpw1972 fans and proved to everyone I could adapt and learn and go in the ring. This was the first time I thought “Maybe I need to get out.” So, understandably, I was pretty scared when I went in again last week. But nope. I am supposed to continue wrestling, I think. Cleared to lift weights, burnout on cardio, and should make a full recovery. :)”

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  • P1

    I really miss Shelly. That guy was awesome in TNA and Motorcity Machineguns were among the best tag teams in recent pro wrestling history. Hope we will see him again over here in the US.

  • TrollNonstopAction

    That’s some serious damage right there! I hope they’re not that stiff in the US.
    I would love to see Shelley back in TNA.

    • P1

      Japanese style pro wrestling is much stiffer than US based wrestling. Their strikes and moves are delivered much harder than otherwise averagely done.

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