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WWE Official Says Daniel Bryan Retired On His Own Terms

– WWE producer Michael “PS” Hayes said on Twitter that Daniel Bryan is retiring on his own terms. He tweeted the following:

– Triple H tweeted the following on Bryan retiring:

F4Wonline.com reports that the mood backstage at RAW in Seattle is very somber.

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  • Darda Cook

    its all a lie its forced retirement, wwe will not let him wrestle and they refuse to release him form his wwe contract so Byran has no choice but to retire, (Down with the machine Down with the Machine)

    • Lemont Washington

      I agree with you 100%. While I definitely respect WWE wanting to look out for his well-being, Danielson should’ve had the right to do what he wanted. If it wants to wrestle, so be it.

      • Darda Cook

        100% agree with repect for WWE trying to keep Byran safe, but also believe there
        is more to the story than is being told also, they are fighting to hard to keep him
        safe (its almost like they are keeping him safe from himself, like as in his condition
        is worse than being let on to be)

  • Lisa

    Does it really matter? I have been referring to the man as “dead wood” and his sheep have been attacking me for it. Heck, yesterday morning I even told you guys Bryan was going to retire on Raw.
    I hope now people on this site realize how well informed I am.

    • josh

      Why are you such a hateful person? People respect him for what he brought to the industry and he deserves every bit of respect that he is getting. As much as I don’t like Cena if the roles were reversed I wouldn’t be hating on Cena like you have with Bryan. You really need to get your life in check and become a better person.

      • Lisa

        You surely have a very shallow memory. Indy fanboys on this site shamelessly celebrated when Cena got injured last month.

        • josh

          Yea they did but I’m sure no one would want to see him have to retire due to injury. He has helped the industry also even though his character is stale and he needs a reboot. No one wants to see anyone have to retire from a job that they love to do because of injury. I’m sure there were people that hated Edge but everyone respected him for what he did for the industry.

          • Lisa

            IWC indy sheep celebrating John Cena getting injured was disgraceful. Shameful.

          • josh

            I wasn’t happy he got injured but was happy that we got a break from him. Unfortunately though we still have Cena 2.0 or I mean Roman Reigns to fill the void of Super Cena. So we won’t forget how Cena is booked.

          • Lisa

            Am also not happy that Bryan had to retire. I’m just pleased I won’t see him wrestle again.

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Take a look at josh’s comment history for a while. You will see how big of a hypocrite he really is. Says you cannot be happy about someone retiring from a job they loved to do, yet all his posts on this website is him hoping Reigns or in his words “2.0” retires.

          • Lisa

            You’re right. He’s a hypocrite and a troll too.

          • josh

            never said anything about 2.0 retiring. He just doesn’t need to be pushed to be the next Cena when there is clearly a lot of other wrestlers that deserve the spot over him. WWE needs to push many stars to be the top stars not just one guy. Look at the 90’s. The Attitude era had a lot of wrestlers that lead the pack.

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