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Another Change for 3MB?, Angle for Monday’s RAW, Cena at Oxford

– John Cena was invited to speak with students at The Oxford Union in England this past week. Students and their parents asked him questions after the event. Here is a photo:

Cena at Oxford

– There is some speculation that 3MB are being re-packaged as The Union Jacks permanently after they debuted the look at last week’s WWE TV tapings in England. There is also some speculation that they will switch their gimmick up once again for “RAW Country” on Monday night.

– The main angle going into Monday’s RAW, the final before Survivor Series, is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon returning from vacation to address Vickie Guerrero, Brad Maddox and Kane’s performances on last week’s show.

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  • Joey D

    Does not matter how you repackage 3MB, they still gonna just job to everyone they face.

    • Rotnerd

      If done right they can work but get rid of mihal and throw in hawkins.

      They can be obnoxious but make them win. Heels do win.

      • Miroslav Mates

        It is true that Slater and especialy Drew can do great. I remember Drew being heel under McMahon´s wings and he dominated everyone with his brutal DDT as finisher…they just ruined him.

        • Rotnerd

          Even in Nxt, he was so obnoxiously like able. He just trolled people but it worked

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    How about repackaging 3MB out of existence?

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