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Another Top Diva Taking Time?, Backstage Guerrero News, Beth & Kelly’s Futures

– Regarding Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero), most people within WWE expect her back in action but that’s not confirmed. It’s believed she is taking time away to rest up and possibly go back to school. The feeling from developmental was that Guerrero is not a very good wrestler but is a great talker with lots of charisma.

– Regarding Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix leaving WWE, most in the company are under the impression that Kelly won’t be back anytime soon. Beth is scheduled to finish up in October and she is expected back in the future. A source describes Beth’s departure as it just being time for to leave. There’s also speculation that Beth is leaving in part to help take care of her boyfriend Edge after he has neck surgery in early November.

– We’ve noted that a source close to the WWE Divas division expects other Divas to be leaving soon. There has been no talk of WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres leaving but officials are aware of her recent change in life. Eve was just engaged to Rener Gracie and the feeling is that she may want some time off once they are married.

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  • Well Shaul was clearly more of a Vickie than Eddie.

    I’d like Beth to return when Kharma returns and then the two will have an epic feud. I’ll also don’t mind Kelly returning as long as they don’t push her and only use her for advertising and marketability purposes along with her being an enhancement talent

    I’m happy they’re allowing some divas to leave or get a time off nowadays. I wish they always did that. It was stupid when they fired Dawn Marie for getting pregnant.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Mindy Then again, I feel like learning how to wrestle is much easier than learning how to work a mic. You can’t really teach charisma. In most cases, you either have it or you don’t. That’s the problem with a couple of these second- and third- generation superstars that have been popping up and the reason why they don’t get pushes despite a lot of in-ring talent. Joe Hennig, for example. He’s probably one of the better wrestlers that WWE has, but he’s frankly a bore to watch in his current incarnation.

    And then, there is a such thing as giving someone time to develop. Shaul’s 21 years old. The youngest Divas on the WWE roster (3 of them) are all 25. Natalya, Beth, Layla (who has improved significantly in the ring since she first joined), and Kharma are all in their 30s. I don’t care if she is the child of a Guerrero. Wrestling skill is built up over time. In any case, if Shaul doesn’t come back, then that’s a huge loss. When was the last time we had a Diva that could genuinely work a mic? Hell, she could be a manager if they weren’t yet confident in her wrestling ability. She might have even done better than Vickie. I would have loved to have seen a storyline where Dolph essentially dumps Vickie for her daughter. That would have made some good drama, if nothing else.

  • Jay

    With EVERY SINGLE diva just leaving, I’m starting to give up on them. I always like Diva’s matches but they just all seem like quiters. None of them have changed their character in years besides Eve and AJ. Now it just seems like Natalya is th only real diva

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