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Another Top TNA Knockout Gone?, Why Flair Wasn’t Booked, Hernandez Learning Spanish

– Ric Flair wasn’t booked for the Final Resolution pay-per-view because TNA had already went over his allotted dates on his contract for the year so they decided not to use him on a show where they felt he wasn’t needed.

– Hernandez is getting over with his big moves in Mexico’s AAA promotion. He has been studying Spanish but officials still don’t have him doing interviews because of the feeling that his Spanish isn’t good enough.

– Hamada, who has been released by TNA, returned to Japan in October when TNA stopped using her. It’s said that Hamada’s former tag team partner Taylor Wilde’s contract with TNA may have also expired but they’re open to bringing her back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Jim

    One of the more action packed Knockouts Hamada gets released. Doesn't make sense to me! She could actually WRESTLE!

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