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Another WWE Diva Leaving?, WWE Jacking Up WrestleMania Prices?, Network News

– WWE officials are still going forward with the Network. News came out this week that Vince is looking to open up talks regarding launching the Network in Europe also.

– The latest word on WrestleMania 30 in 2014 is that Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York City are in the running as hosts. WWE has outgrown arenas for WrestleMania but since 1, 10 and 20 took place at Madison Square Garden, some in the company are pushing the idea of jacking up ticket prices really high to return there for 30. Another downside to running at MSG would put WrestleMania in the same market two years in a row.

– Regarding Beth Phoenix leaving WWE, it’s believed she is just mentally finished with the promotion and the start-and-stop pushes that happen in the Divas division.

One source close to the Divas division believes that Beth isn’t the only Diva on her way out of the company as one other may be quitting soon.


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  • Alpha_Omega

    WM 30 has to take place in MSG, just has to.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Fuck. Prepared to bet that’s Natalya. :-(

  • blake

    wm 29 should have taken place in los angeles

  • Mareen

    Not Natalya, she just said last week that she is happy with her current position and her pay.

    Possibly Kelly Kelly. Maybe Layla. Or probably even Rosa Mendes.

  • Mariah

    I think it’s Tamina. I don’t think it’s Natalya because she seems happier and passionate as ever, and she’s gone through harder times. If she lost interest or was frustrated, it would show in her work, but she just seems to be having more fun than anyone else on the roster, in her matches. Tamina, however, hasn’t been used much at all and has been very vocal about wanting a shot and not being given one.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Kelly Kelly’s been gone several months. I thought she just said that she was coming back (much to the IWC’s chagrin). Layla’s an interesting guess – mainly due to her age more than anything else. She’s 35, which is way, WAY older than most Divas go.

    It could be Eve. The way that title reign went down was weird to me. Then again, they could have figured her for a title run anyway once the Laurinaitis storyline had run its course. But the sudden upswing in attention given to her over the last year kinds of looks like the sort of thing a promotion would do when they’re trying to placate someone who’s thinking about walking.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    And on the subject of future WMs, I know MSG is MSG, but I wonder if WWE’s considered Cowboys Stadium in Dallas for a future Wrestlemania (probably not 30)? It’s got the space (80K seats, with another 30K standing room) but it’s also in a dome so they wouldn’t have to worry about weather.

  • jayman

    Nattie wont leave cuz her boyfriend Tyson ” Big Boy” Kid is still in the company

  • maxpower

    TNA will treat Beth right!

  • stone cold

    not LA again.has to be MSG

  • Coolquip

    Why not San Francisco? Candlestick Park would be a great venue for Wrestlemania.

  • Joseph

    Jack up the prices of a WWE PPV would not be a good move since they are not worth the prices they charge now.

  • Jeremy

    Its not good to have WM in the same market 2 years in a row, but its okay to hold Summerslam in the same damn arena for the past several years and plan on holding in in that same arena for years to come? The logic behind it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Alejandro

    @xXwindsofchangeXx: WWE was thinking about putting Wrestlemania 30 at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas but the NCAA is having the Final Four and the Championship game for men’s college basketball for the next couple of years so I doubt that Wrestlemania 30 will happen over there.

  • Why should Layla’s age matter when she looks like one of the youngest divas on the roster?

  • Cameron L

    As if Wrestlemania prices wasn’t already high enough to rent it at $85 bucks, thats money hungry McMahons for you

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Theyre raising the price to make up for the money lost on Linda’s stupid campaign

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Mindy Because the WWE schedule’s a bitch. Almost all Divas hold off doing other things (like starting a family, for instance) because of how the schedule is. I’m not saying at all that WWE thinks Layla’s too old. I’m just saying that there’s been a consistent pattern of Divas retiring from WWE long before her age because they want to get away from the grind of the schedule and do other things like maybe go back to their original career or start a family. Hell, even some male wrestlers start thinking about retirement at 35.

    The other thing you have to think about is that Layla’s coming off a torn ACL. Even professional football players, some of the biggest and toughest dudes on the planet, take about a year to get back on the field and another year after that to get back to where they were before the injury, and that’s if they get back at all. Layla’s one tough chick for coming back from that particular injury, but it’s been reported that she still looks (justifiably) a little bit cautious with the bad knee.

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